1、What is DJI Care?
The DJI Care Protection Plan is a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to your DJI aircraft, gimbal or camera sustained during normal use. During DJI Care’s period of validity, if accidental damage occurs during normal use, repair fees and related costs will be covered by DJI.

2、How do I purchase DJI Care?
You can purchase a DJI Care Service Plan from the Official DJI Online Store. Simply follow the onscreen instructions in the online order process. For your convenience, DJI Care Activation Codes can also be purchased from your local dealer or authorized retailers*.
• Not all dealers and retailers are providing DJI Care Activation Codes at this time.

3、Does DJI Care have deductibles?
No, DJI Care does not have deductibles. It is an aircraft repair service, rather than an insurance service, meaning your aircraft will always be repaired for free as long as repair cost and aircraft condition satisfies DJI Care coverage requirements.

4、If I have DJI Care, do I have to pay repair costs before applying to DJI Care for reimbursement?
No. DJI Care is bound to the S/N of your aircraft, meaning repair costs will automatically be deducted from your DJI Care coverage amount. No additional payment is required.

5、If my aircraft is within the Factory Guarantee, will repairs be deducted from my DJI Care coverage amount?
If aircraft repairs satisfy Factory Guarantee conditions, repair costs will be paid by DJI without deduction from the DJI Care coverage amount.

6、How long after purchase does DJI Care become valid?
DJI Care is valid immediately after purchase when bought separately. When purchased with a brand-new aircraft, DJI Care will be valid from two days after aircraft shipment.

7、If I send an aircraft covered by DJI Care for repairs, do I have to pay for shipping costs?
If you are shipping from within an area of DJI Care coverage, DJI will cover the costs of shipment. No deductions will be made to your total coverage amount for shipment. If you are outside of a DJI Care coverage area, you may need to cover shipping costs, customs duties or other expenses generated by the shipment.

8、Where is DJI Care available?
At the moment, DJI Care is only available to customers from the U.S., Canada, EU countries ,UK, Hong Kong and mainland China. DJI Care will launch in more countries in the future.

9、What’s the difference between DJI Care and a DJI product warranty? Will a DJI product warranty be invalid without purchasing DJI Care?
A product warranty is a repair service provided by a manufacturer when product quality problems occur. DJI Care is a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to your DJI aircraft, gimbal or camera sustained during normal use. Although you can still enjoy DJI’s standard product warranty without buying DJI Care, a DJI Care service plan can greatly reduce repair costs. Furthermore, if the repair costs are covered by a standard product warranty, the remaining balance on your DJI Care Service Plan will not be affected.

10、What is covered by DJI Care?
DJI Care covers damage to the aircraft, gimbal or camera due to dropping, squeezing or crashing caused by operator error or other accidents. DJI will offer free repairs if the equipment is sent to DJI within the period of validity. Accessories such as remote controller, propellers, battery and charger will not be covered by DJI Care.

11、How long is DJI Care valid for?
DJI Care is valid for one year. If you buy DJI Care separately (i.e. after purchasing the aircraft), the period of validity begins from the date of purchase. If you buy DJI Care with a new aircraft, the period of validity begins two days after the aircraft is shipped. Please refer to the period of validity noted on your DJI Care Service Agreement for details.

12、Is DJI Care available for products besides the Phantom 4, Inspire 1 series and the Phantom 3 series?
Currently, DJI only provides DJI Care for the Phantom 4, the Inspire 1 series and the Phantom 3 series. DJI Care for other products will be available in the future.

13、Where can I find the aircraft S/N and gimbal S/N?
For the Phantom 4, the aircraft S/N can be found inside the battery compartment. You should only enter the aircraft S/N when you purchase DJI Care. 
For the Inspire 1 series, the aircraft S/N can be found on the tail of the aircraft and the gimbal S/N can be found on the gimbal. 
On a Phantom 3 series drone, the aircraft S/N can be found on the tail of the aircraft inside a circle, while the gimbal S/N can be found on the gimbal mounting plate.

14、How many repairs are covered by DJI Care?
DJI Care does not limit the number of repairs. You can repair your drone until the total amount of the repair fees exceeds the coverage amount, except in cases where the aircraft is completely damaged.

15、Can I renew my DJI Care service plan when it expires? How many times can I purchase DJI Care for my aircraft?
No, you cannot. Currently, each aircraft is eligible for only one DJI Care service plan. The service plan cannot be renewed after it expires.

16、Is the DJI Care service plan bound to the original aircraft owner who purchased the plan?
No, it isn’t. The aircraft owner can be changed but the S/N of the aircraft bound to the service agreement cannot.

17、I have transferred my aircraft to someone else. Can I also transfer DJI Care?
Yes. The aircraft owner can be changed but the S/N of the aircraft bound to the service agreement cannot. DJI will not take responsibility for any disputes due to the transfer.

18、Why am I unable to get DJI Care after my aircraft has been activated more than 48 hours?
After an aircraft has been activated for more than 48 hours, we cannot determine its condition.

19、I have lost my electronic service agreement so I do not know the Agreement No. How do I get repairs?
Please provide your aircraft or gimbal S/N to us. This can be used to verify whether your aircraft and gimbal are protected under DJI Care. If the damage is within service coverage, you can get free repairs.

20、Does DJI Care support international coverage?
No, at the moment, DJI Care only works within one coverage region. However, the coverage region can be different than the region in which the aircraft was purchased. For example, if you purchased your aircraft in China, you can purchase DJI Care for the US. You can only apply for product warranty service in China, but you can use DJI Care at DJI's official US service center.

21、The product I purchased was replaced. Will the DJI Care service plan I purchased become invalid? Or will DJI Care be re-calculated?
If you request to replace the product after purchase, please remind presales or aftersales staff that you have purchased DJI Care. DJI technical support will instruct you on how to rebind DJI Care. You should send an email to djicare@dji.com. It will take about two business days to rebind.

22、Can I return, replace or transfer my DJI Care service plan?
In general, you may not return, replace or transfer your DJI Care service plan. 
1) You can request to cancel DJI Care if you return the product under DJI‘s Return Policy. You should provide a copy of the original receipt, proof of successful return and the S/N of the returned aircraft and gimbal by email to djicare@dji.com. 
NOTE: If you do not return the aircraft, DJI Care cannot be canceled. 
2) In the unlikely events of flyaway or water damage, DJI Care can be transferred if you choose to purchase another aircraft. You should send the S/N of the old aircraft and gimbal as well as S/N of the new aircraft and gimbal to djicare@dji.com. We will add the S/N of the new aircraft and gimbal to your existing DJI Care service plan. 
NOTE: When DJI Care is purchased, the bound S/N of the aircraft and gimbal cannot be transferred to another aircraft or gimbal.

23、What conditions are not covered by DJI Care?
Damage due to the following reasons are not covered by DJI Care: 
1) Lost or partially lost aircraft and accessories. 
2) Stolen or abandoned aircraft and accessories. 
3) Damage caused by flight under unsuitable flight conditions. 
4) Any repair fees resulting from or following water damage. 
5) Repair fees for battery, propellers, remote controller or other accessories. 
6) Deliberate losses. 
7) Abrasions and shell damage that do not affect the performance of the aircraft. 
8) Direct or indirect losses caused by force majeure. 
9) Repair requests for damage incurred outside the period of validity. 
10) Indirect loss and/or anticipated profit in any form. 
11) Extra fees resulting from technical enhancements or performance improvements. 
12) Personal injury and/or property loss to the customer or any other people caused by the aircraft. 
13) Any legal fees related to DJI Care’s warranty coverage.