terms of Service

Thank you for choosing DJI Care. By purchasing DJI Care, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms. To provide you with a better user experience and worry-free flight, we are pleased to offer the DJI Care Protection Plan, a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to DJI aircraft, gimbal or cameras sustained during normal use.

IV. Period of Validity of DJI Care

DJI Care is valid for one year. 
If you buy DJI Care separately (i.e. after purchasing the aircraft), the period of validity begins from the date of purchase. 
If you buy DJI Care with a new aircraft, the period of validity begins two days after the aircraft is shipped. Please refer to the period of validity noted on your DJI Care Service Agreement for details.

V. Repair Process 

1. When damage to your DJI aircraft occurs and you are within DJI Care's coverage, please contact DJI Support via www.dji.com/support, TEL and ONLINE SUPPORT are preferred. 
2. Send the damaged DJI aircraft to a DJI designated repair center under the instruction of DJI technical support staff. 
3. If damage to your DJI aircraft occurs, contact DJI first to fill a report for higher quality support.

VI. Termination of DJI Care

DJI Care will be terminated under any one of the following conditions:
1. The service has expired; 
2. Your DJI aircraft was not repaired by DJI designated repair centers; 
3. The coverage amount of the DJI Care for your aircraft has run out; 
4. If the customer is found to have broken a DJI Care covered aircraft on purpose, the service will be terminated automatically and DJI will not offer a refund. If a customer is found to be causing accidents for financial gain, DJI reserves the right to take legal action.

VII. Postage

There are no hidden fees when using DJI Care. After your purchase of the service, the cost of two-way postage for customers within DJI Care service areas will be covered by DJI. In other areas, these costs and any associated customer’s duties are at the customer's expense. In all areas the custom fees are at the customer's expense

VIII. Return and Transfer of DJI Care

1. DJI Care can be cancelled upon return of the aircraft purchased, according to DJI refund policies; 
2. DJI Care cannot be cancelled without returning the aircraft purchased; 
3. DJI Care cannot be transferred after purchase.